Liquid Metal Wheels has been manufacturing Aftermarket Wheels for over 20 years. We have 12 unique styles ranging in diameters from 16 to 22 inches. We offer styles for the top vehicles on the road. Check out our latest new styles along with our recent release of our “Satin” Finish.



Made in the workshop

Shirts and jackets and trousers are cut and sewn in workrooms which do so only for shirts or jackets or trousers. Knitwear is hand-framed in one or another far-flung corner of an island. Cloth — often hand-woven — comes from mills very much above, if you will, the run of most mills. Buckles and toggles and so on are made by old hands in old establishments.


Made by the water-haters at Ventile as a luggage-weight variety of their classic weather-proof cotton, and honed again and again until deemed fit to bear the company hallmark. Equivalent in heft to 15oz canvas and woven with the same top percentile of extra-long-staple cotton fibres with which the Ventile name has, since the 1940s, been built.



Gen-X - Liquid Metal Wheels

New for 2021, select diameters of the FIN, CARBON, and ROTARY are available with Satin Black.


Fin - Satin Black - Liquid Metal Wheels

Several of our designs are available in staggered for the most popular vehicles on the road.


Rotary - Gloss Black w/ Machined Face - Liquid Metal Wheels

Every wheel we manufacture exceeds the Industry standard for strength and durability.